Veranda Fine Homes was founded in 2005. For years Kyle and Sam built luxury homes in the Dallas metroplex that ranged in architectural style from traditional to mediterranean.

Veranda found great success from its devoted following of clientele that loved the mediterranean influenced design. However, when modern builds started emerging in Dallas, the team struggled to add modern residential and commercial projects to its portfolio because Veranda just “was not a modern builder”.

In an effort to appeal to modern buyers, Sam formed 2g Habitats in 2013 – a sister company with more modern branding, to focus on modern residential builds and commercial projects. Modern is not just an architectural style, but a lifestyle.

This approach worked well allowing Sam and Kyle to continue to work together while appealing to varying customer bases with different needs and architectural styles ranging from mediterranean to modern and residential to commercial.

Today clients have come to trust, regardless of the architectural style, that the team can deliver the home they have been dreaming about. The team’s portfolio now includes builds ranging in all styles and genres.

Interestingly, both companies’ portfolios have started to look similar including mostly transitional to contemporary homes in the last 2 years, causing the team to think about the strategy going forward.

In careful consideration of the past, present and future, all builds will now come under 2g Habitats as the team prepares to move into its second decade streamlining its operations as they hold fast to their commitment of “making life better” for everyone that builds with them.

We look forward to helping you create your dream home.