The modern pool deck is really what got us excited about this project. At 2g Habitats we have been been wanting to get more serious in the modern pool side/outdoor living side of the business. Most of our work has always focused around new construction of the residence and the pools have been handled by a 3rd party. However, more and more of our customers and their friends and family have been asking if we do pools.

Eaton - Existing Pool Eaton Pool Formal Living Wall

The existing pool was a pretty typical pool from the 80’s. It was a plaster pool with an exposed aggregate concrete deck with brick coping around the pool.  The spa was also wrapped in brick with a small waterfall. There were several things the customer wanted to change:

1) To have a beefier, more modern look we wanted to have a solid 4″ concrete pour that would catilever 2″ over the pool for a clean monolithic look. This was the customers inspiration:

Pool Inspiration


2) No aggregate on the pool deck. This look is particularly popular amongst production builders in Texas looking for a way to affordably “upscale” there patios, but it certainly does not have the clean modern look the homeowner wanted.

3) Remove the brick from the spa. For a cleaner more minimalist look we wanted the spa to maintain the existing shape but wrap it in concrete to keep the look consistent with the pool deck. Our original design concept:

Spa Concept V1

4) Firepit and seating. Over on the east side of the yard was a perfect space to add a modern concrete firepit and seating area. This would be a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. This was the customers Inspiration:

Fire pit inspiration

5) Remove the walkway to the master seating area and put in modern linear concrete pavers. Here was the isnpiration for the walkway:

Walkway Inspiration

6) Remove the plaster and replace with a dark “Pebble-tec” type finish.

Once we conceptually knew what the customer was looking for we went to work getting everything thrown into CAD and Sketchup so we could visually put on paper what we saw as the final product to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Once everyone was in agreement with the conceptuals we could move forward. As with any project there were modifications along the way. No matter how much you plan, once you see the project come together in real-life where you can touch and feel it, you will begin to really understand how you will interact with the space on a daily basis and many choose to make changes at this point.

At 2g Habitats we encourage our clients to really think about how they are going to interact with the space and spend time in it during construction. If at anytime you think there should be a change please raise your hand so we can discuss. This is a home that you will spend every day in and it is much more cost effective to make tweaks during the process than it is afterwards. Never be afraid to speak up if you have any concerns.

We strongly encourage our clients to find pictures of what they like and also images of that which they do not like. This really helps us in our planning and design phase to really dial in the design to the customers tastes.  That being said, in almost every luxury project we have been a part of, there have been tweaks here and there along the way.